In The State of New Jersey
A violent crime such as assault, sexual harassment or murder is committed every 18 minutes.  
A non-violent crime such as shoplifting or theft is committed every 2 minutes.
Many crimes remain unsolved and law enforcement agencies and personnel are put under
pressure to solve these crimes as quick as possible.  Because of this pressure short cuts are
made and mistakes occur.  

A police officer is promoted based on the number of arrests and convictions he/she makes
putting even more pressure to cut corners and make a fast but not necessarily proper
arrest.  Even if you have committed a criminal offense you still may be able to reduce or even
eliminate the charge with experienced legal representation.   Attorney Aalsberg has over 25
years of experience and has represented over 11,000 clients and is recognized by his peers
as one of America's Top Lawyers.  Even if you did the crime remember that does not mean
that your guilty!  Guilt must be proven against you, you do not have to prove your innocence!
Assault Charges
Bail Reductions
Possession of Burglary Tool Charges
Computer and Cyber Crime Charges
Credit Card Fraud
Criminal Sexual Contact Charges
Criminal Trespass Charges
Disorderly Conduct Charges
Domestic Violence Charges
Drug Distribution and Possession
Drug Paraphernalia Charges
RICO statute violations
Eluding or Fleeing from a Police Officer
Employee Theft Charges
Endangering the Welfare of a Child
Fraud and Forgery
Heroin Possession and Distribution
Insurance Fraud
Loitering and Lewdness violations
Marijuana Distribution Charges
Probation and Parole Violations
Securities Regulation Crimes
Sexual Assault Crimes
Terroristic Threats
The Sooner you start the representation on your Criminal Charge
The more we can do to help you Win, Reduce or Eliminate it!
Call our office at the first sign of a problem such as when you are contacted by the police, or even think something may happen. Early
representation can in many cases head off and defend against a prosecution in the criminal justice system.  An indictment alone can be
extremely destructive to an individual or to a company. Don't wait until you are formally charged or until you get your court date to appear
in criminal court.  
Proactive pre-indictment action can sometimes prevent charges from  occurring or even reduce the charges ultimately
filed, thus saving you time and money. Don't wait! Protect your rights and call for a free private in office consultation with our
experienced criminal lawyers.  
The call is free but the advice may be priceless.  
Criminal Offender Statistics:
72% of all people charged with
crimes in state courts were
sentenced to jail.  Only 28% were
sentenced to probation without jail.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice.
Don't Become A Statistic!
Call 1-800-974-4487 Now. Don't Risk Going to Jail
New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer H Scott Aalsberg represents clients in nearly all New Jersey Criminal Law Matters.  As a full service NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer our firm handles the following offenses: Assault, Aggravated Assault in New Jersey, New Jersey Sexual
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How to Win A Criminal Charge In New Jersey:
Now that you have read this page its time to take action to win. Sitting at home will not get you results, worrying about
your case will not get you results.  What will get you results is hiring the best lawyer to win your case.  The facts are
simple, the best and easiest way to win your New Jersey Criminal Charge is to get the Best Criminal Lawyer.  Attorney
Aalsberg is endorsed by over 225 other lawyers nationally and, has been chosen by more than 5 Nationally known legal
organizations to be a Top Criminal Lawyer.  Attorney Aalsberg is ranked one of the Top Ten Attorneys by the National
Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys.  One of the Top 100 Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association since
2014 and is rated as a Top Criminal Lawyer with a perfect 10.0 score by AVVO lawyer rating website.  
CHARGED WITH A CRIME IN NJ?   Get the Best Criminal Defense for your
Crime and Win.  
We Will Fight to Keep You Out of Jail!
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Approximately 1% of the U.S. Population
is in jail.  Don't let this happen to you!  
The total  prisons population for 2019
was nearly 2 million, with another 4.6
million either in halfway houses, on
parole or on probation.  A strong
defense with an experienced NJ
Criminal Lawyer could prevent this from
happening to you!  Fight for your rights!  

Unfortunately most prisoners charged
with crimes in New Jersey either
represented themselves or had a public
defender represent them.  Ask yourself,
can you afford to go to jail for your
criminal charge?  If the answer is no
then hiring the best New Jersey
Criminal Lawyer is a must.  

With a proven track record of 25+ years
winning some of the toughest criminal
charges in New Jersey our criminal
lawyers can help.  This success is
proven by our head criminal lawyer H.
Scott Aalsberg being ranked as one of
the Top Ten Lawyers by the National
Academy of Criminal Defense Lawyers
and selected as one of the top 100 Trial
Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers.
He is nationally recognized by his peers
and is endorsed by over 175 other
lawyers Nationwide.  But his awards and
success mean nothing to you, if you
don't take the first step in protecting
your rights by calling 1-800-9-RIGHTS to
start the process. Very often, the
successful resolution of your criminal
case can hinge on how fast legal
motions and briefs are filed and
subpoenas sought.  Time is not on your
side and thinking about what to do
could be your biggest mistake.

Our phones are answered 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week.  We will examine
every nook and cranny of your case to
find opportunities to protect your rights.
By carefully scouring every detail of
your situation and by enlisting qualified
forensic experts and investigators
when necessary, we will pull out every
defense supporting your position and
fight to protect your future.
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