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Possession of Prescription Drugs in other than the original dispensed container Prescribed to You: 2C:25-24
2C:35-24.  Possession of certain  prescription drugs the Law

A person who possesses a controlled dangerous substance that was prescribed or
dispensed lawfully may possess it only in the container in which it was dispensed;
except that the person may possess no more than a 10-day supply in other than the
original container if the person produces, upon the request of a law enforcement officer,
the name and address of the practitioner who prescribed the substance or the
pharmacist who dispensed it.  A person who violates this section is a disorderly person
and is subject to a fine and up to 180 days in jail.
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The Defenses:
If you did not have the drugs in a prescription container you have no defense.  That being said your lawyer may be able to make a defense for you.  
For example typically the best defense to having a prescription drug not it the original dispensed container is that you had a prescription for the
drug.  However if you had more than a 10 day supply it is not technically a defense but one that your lawyer can generally sell to the prosecutor to
downgrade or dismiss the charge.  Other defenses could include the fact that you were driving a car owned by another individual and that individual
had the drugs in the car and had a prescription for the drugs of course this would require the person who owned the car to come to court show his
prescription and admit the drugs were left in the vehicle by mistake.  A good lawyer can think of a defense that will allow you to avoid or reduce the
penalties you face on a prescription drug charge but it takes an attorney with experience to know how to sell the story to the judge.  Attorney
Aalsberg with over 23 years of experience and more than 10,000 cases behind him knows how to do this.  Call our office not and setup a Free In
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