Our founding Attorney, Aalsberg, has
personally handled or been involved in
over 8000 Criminal and Municipal Court
Cases and over 1000 Civil Cases.  

Mr. Aalsberg has been interviewed by CBS
News, ABC News 20/20 and has appeared
on Court TV and Channel 7 Eyewitness
News.  Mr. Aalsberg has also appeared on
numerous radio programs.  He is a
member of the National Association of
Trial Lawyers and has been recognized by
this organization as one of the Top 100
Trial Lawyers.  Lastly Attorney Aalsberg
has a perfect 10.0 Rating from AVVO
Attorney rating website making him one of
a select few lawyers ranked as a Top
Criminal Lawyer not just by one nationally
know organization but by two!

We offer a free consultation for all persons
charged in New Jersey with criminal or
traffic ticket violation. Call our office now at
1-800-9-RIGHTS or (732) 257-5040 and
set up a free in office consultation to see
how we can help you. The Sooner you call
the more Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg can to
do help you.  The Call is free the results . .
. could be priceless . . .
Our Founder and Managing Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg,
Esq., has been in practice since 1992, his firm has
grown from being a small boutique law firm to one of the
largest criminal law and traffic law firms in the state of
New Jersey.  If you need to win your case you need a
winning attorney.  Depending on your matter attorney
Aalsberg has up to a 98% success rate of either
winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties you face.
A jack of all trades is a master of none that is why we
limit or practice to give you the best chance to win.  
Whether you face a traffic violation or a criminal violation
the facts of your case won't change but the lawyer you
choose can change the result!  Many people choose a
lawyer on price, but price should be the last factor
results should be the first because if you don't get the
right result any money you spent was wasted.  

Unlike other firms, we don't have first year associates in
fact each attorney in our office has a minimum of 18
years of experience. Experience you can count on when
the going gets tough, in your New Jersey Criminal or NJ
Traffic ticket matter.

We handle all New Jersey State and Federal Criminal
matters from assaults to shoplifting and all New Jersey
Tickets from DWI's and DUI's to your average everyday
speeding or careless driving ticket.  No matter is too big
or too small we handle it all with personal attention and
affordable prices.
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