Careless Driving (39:4-97) in New Jersey is a serious offense.  
Generally a careless driving is the ticket issued when you either have
been involved in accident or if your actions could have increased the
chance of an accident.  As such it carries not only a fine, but points on
your license.  If mandatory court appearance is checked on your ticket
you could face additional penalties such as the suspension of your
drivers license and or jail for up to 15 days.  We Can Help!

The Points associated with a careless driving ticket (39:4-97) in New Jersey can cost
you dearly on your insurance.  
For Insurance purposes it takes 3 years from the
date of your violation/conviction for the points to be eliminated off your insurance.  That
is why a conviction for this offense should be challenged with proper legal
representation.  The cost of representation in most cases is much less than the
additional charge your insurance company will charge you for a careless driving ticket
on your record.  Many of our clients can Save $3000.00 in insurance costs alone.

Insurance companies hate careless drivers!   Careless drivers statistically are
responsible for more accidents.  The higher the risk of an accident the more likely your
insurance company will suffer a loss.  Thus, if you wish to keep your insurance
premiums low call our office now at 1-800-974-4487 and set up a free consultation.

OTHER PENALTIES:  Careless Driving in addition to a fine and points can carry up to
15 days imprisonment.  Although this is rare for a person to go to jail for a careless
driving ticket, if an accident is involved or your driving record is bad, or you are also
charged with additional tickets it is a very real possibility.  In addition to jail, the judge
does have the discretion to suspend your license for a careless driving ticket.  If you
lose your license either because you have accumulated too many points or because
the judge feels that your violation warrants a suspension, you could lose your job, your
house and all that is important to you!  Don't go it alone we can help.  Call our office at
1-800-9-RIGHTS or (732) 257-5040 to setup a free in office consultation to find out how
we can possibly help you reduce or eliminate these penalties.  You have rights, but you
must know how to protect them we can help.
*98% Success Rate for NJ careless driving tickets is based on past cases and is not a guarantee of a future result.  Past performance is not indicative of
future results
.  Success rate is lower with cases involving accidents with personal injury to another. ** Additional penalties and jail time apply if your New Jersey
careless driving ticket occurs within 1000 feet of school property or school crossing zone, safe corridor or construction.  H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C. Main office address: G-10 Brier
HIll Court, East Brunswick, N.J. 08816.  Please consult the New Jersey Code of Justice and Motor Vehicle Laws for complete details on all fines and penalties as the penalties listed in
this notice are for informational purposes on offenses we have handled and reduced in the past.  *Past performance is not indicative of future performance and each case is fact
sensitive, thus, the need for the in office consultation for the attorney to evaluate your New Jersey Careless Driving summons.  Some penalties may not apply to out of state residents
please consult an attorney in your state of residence.  All penalties for careless driving  are subject to change at any time without notice.  Before suspending your license or imposing
imprisonment for a careless driving ticket in NJ the judge must consider these 7 factors on the record:  1) The nature and circumstances of the persons actions. 2) The persons driving
record. 3) The time passed since any other moving violations, 4) The persons character and attitude. 5) Whether the conduct is likely to recur 6) Any excessive hardship the sentence
would cause 7) The need for personal deterrence. See State vs. Palma and State v. Moran 202 NJ 311
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NJ Careless Driving: What is
Not A Defense
Today it is estimated that 20% of
all drivers on the road are under
the influence of a prescription
medication.  It is not a defense to
careless driving ticket in NJ that
you had taken your zanax or other
prescription drug and then drove.  
In fact such conduct would not only
be considered careless driving but
may lead to a charge of DUI.  This
is because you are not allowed to
operate a car or heavy machinery
while under the influence of any
drugs with a warning on the label.
NJ Careless Driving: What is
Not A Defense
Are you an old or young driver and
just hesitated to take an action or
simply made a mistake.  It is not a
defense to careless driving that
you got nervous and simply did not
know what to do and froze.  This is
careless driving.
NJ Careless Driving: What is
Not A Defense
Did you fail to notice a sign on the
road?  It is not a defense to
careless driving in NJ that you
failed to see a sign on the road.  
Only if the sign is fully obstructed
NJ Careless Driving: What is
The Best Defense:
The Best Defense to a N.J.
Careless Driving Ticket is get the
best lawyer you can afford.  
Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a
98% Success Rate of Winning,
Reducing or Eliminating the
penalties of a NJ Careless Driving
Ticket.  He is ranked one of the
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the National Trial Lawyers.
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A truck or bus driver who receive a careless driving ticket in NJ must fight this ticket with
skilled legal representation.  Reason: your job may not allow you to operate your truck
or bus.  Although the insurance for a car could be raised up to $3500 over 3 years, for
a truck or bus this number could be up to $10,000.00 or more.  If you own your own
truck or bus, and have a car you could be paying for both!  If you drive for someone
else, several insurance companies simply won't insure drivers ticketed for Careless
Driving within the past 36 months.  If you are a CDL driver you must fight your ticket as it
could mean the loss of your next raise, your job and everything you have worked to
hard to protect.  We offer special discounts for all commercial truck and bus drivers
charged with a careless driving ticket as we know that your not rich and need to get the
best result.  Call now the more time we have to work on your case the more chances we
have of getting you the best result.
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Fine of up to $200 and or Fifteen Days in Jail or License Suspension
Jail or License Suspension are rare and is generally reserved for bad drivers, accidents
with injuries or other extreme circumstances - see lawyer for details.
Specific Issues For Accident Cases: If you got a ticket because you were involved in
an accident another important issue our office can help you with is to seal the testimony
or plea of your case by motioning the court for a civil reservation.  If granted by the
court this will not allow your plea to be used against you in a possible civil suit that the
other driver may bring against for any injuries or property damage.  Although this will
not stop a later civil suit against you for the other person injury or property damage due
to your careless driving, it can make that case much harder and lead to a lower
settlement of the case.  Thus, saving both you and your insurance company money.