39:4-130 Failure to Report an Accident Ticket In NJ
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Charged with Failure to Report an accident you face the loss your drivers license and a fine of up to $100.00
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Why and How Do You Get This Ticket
In NJ any driver involved in an accident must submit a written
report of the accident containing information on the cause,
condition, and persons and vehicles involved within 10 days
after the accident to the local police department where the
accident occurred.  Generally a failure to report an accident
ticket is charged with other tickets.  This is a ticket which is
rarely charged by itself.  Because of this fact most of our clients
also have ticket for
leaving the scene of an accident,  
careless or reckless driving.  In New Jersey you must
immediately notify the police, by the quickest possible method
(generally by phone) that you have been involved in an
accident.  Fault of the accident does not matter only the fact of
an accident.  Thus in a 2 car accident both drivers are
responsible to notify the police.   In most incidents this ticket is
mailed to your home or workplace and in rare instances it may
be personally served to you by a police officer at your
residence.  Please note that any passenger in the vehicle may
also have a liability to report the accident to the police.  
What should you do if you get a ticket for failure to report an accident
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The fine for failure to report an accident ticket in New Jersey may be small but the potential to have your license
suspended could be a life changing event.  A ticket for failure to report an accident is not a payable ticket thus you are
required to go to court.  Imagine not being able to drive to work, to school or even the grocery store.  What would you do?
Immediately call our office and setup an appointment.  This ticket itself is bad but what is worse is the fact that most
people charged with failure to report an accident in  New Jersey are issued additional tickets.  If you have
additional tickets not only do you face a possible suspension of your drivers license for failing to report an accident
but also the additional penalties associated with the other tickets which many times include jail or further
suspension of your drivers license.  The cost for increased insurance due to an accident and your failure to report
the accident to the police can cost you thousands of dollars If you have a ticket for failure to report an accident you
should seek immediate legal help.  Although the ticket itself a year in for car insurance premiums.  Proper
Representation for your tickets can save this money.  To learn more you should take advantage of the free
consultation offered by our office.  The call is free, but saving your drivers license may be priceless.   Call
1-800-9-RIGHTS now and set up an appointment tostart your defense
  • Reduce or Eliminate Jail
  • Reduce or Eliminate License Suspensions
Copyright 2021 HSA Failure to Report an Accident in New Jersey
The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to
or death of any person, or damage to property of any one person in
excess of $500.00 shall by the quickest means of communication
give notice of such accident to the local police department or to the
nearest office of the county police of the county or of the State
Police, and in addition shall within 10 days after such accident
forward a written report of such accident to the commission on forms
furnished by it. Such written reports shall contain sufficiently
detailed information with reference to a motor vehicle accident,
including the cause, the conditions then existing, the persons and
vehicles involved and such information as may be necessary to
enable the chief administrator to determine whether the
requirements for the deposit of security required by law are
inapplicable by reason of the existence of insurance or other
The law for Failure to Report an Accident 39:4-130
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