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state of residence.  Unfortunately laws charge on a daily basis thus all penalties indicated for disorderly conduct are subject to change at any time without notice.
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What is Disorderly Conduct in NJ 2C:33-2(a) and 2C:33-2(b) in New Jersey
New Jersey has two types of disorderly conduct.  The first type of disorderly conduct deals with improper behavior and the
second type deals with offensive language.  Both are considered petty disorderly offensives and have up to 30 days in jail
and up to a $500.00 fine.  Although not considered a crime in NJ it will still go on your criminal record both for the arrest and
or conviction and will come up on criminal record searches.  Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98%* Success Rate to Win,
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Disorderly Conduct for Improper Behavior 2C:33-2(a)
Disorderly Conduct for Offensive Language 2C:33-2(b)
Improper behavior includes but is not limited to
  1. Engaging in fighting, threating or tumultuous behavior or
  2. Creates a hazardous or physically dangerous condition
    that serves no legitimate purpose of the actor.
The actor in a public place engages in conduct with the purposes
to offend the sensibilities of a hearer or with reckless disregard of
the probability of doing so he/she addresses unreasonably loud
and offensively course abusive language given the circumstances
of the persons present and the setting of the utterance, to any
person present.
Primary Defenses to a Disorderly Conduct Charge in NJ Include:
  • Self Defense
  • Alibi
  • Duress
  • Insanity
  • Consent
  • Justification
  • Mistake of Fact
  • Deminimus Offense
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About NJ Disorderly Conduct Charge Penalties:
In New Jersey if you have been charged with disorderly
conduct even on a first offense, the penalties you face
include jail, community service, probation, and a fine.
penalties involved can affect you for the rest of your
life.  Once convicted of a Disorderly Conduct Offense in
New Jersey you will have a criminal record.  Although this is
the lowest level of a 2C violation (criminal offense) as a petty
disorderly person offense it is still a public record that
anyone can see including schools, banks, employers and
even your neighbors and family.  
If you have a professional
license such as a nurse or even a lawyer it could lead to
disciplinary action if you are already licensed or if your not
licensed yet to a bar on getting your license to practice.  

A criminal record/conviction may ruin you chances of getting
that important job, getting financial aid or even visiting a
foreign country.   Don't let this happen to you. Nearly 1% of
the U.S. Population is currently in jail and nearly 1 out of
every 15 people have gone to jail.  Don't become another
government statistic your future depends on getting the best
possible outcome today.

If you have been arrested for disorderly conduct the police
have a head start in winning the case against you.  You
need to fight back.  Hiring the best lawyer to defend yourself
is the single most important factor in winning your case.  Our
founder, Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98% success rate
of winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties of a NJ
disorderly persons or conduct charge.  Put the success of
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the right legal representation, the more we can do to help
you get that result you need . . . .
Common Facts About Disorderly
Persons Offenses in NJ:
Penalties For: NJ Disorderly
Persons Offenses:
  • Up to 30 Days in Jail
  • Up to $500.00 fine
  • Probation
  • Restitution for any losses or damages
  • Alternative Sentences for disorderly conduct
    offenses in NJ include but are not limited to
    community service, anger management
    classes, and psychiatric counseling
A Disorderly Conduct Charge is one of the
most common offenses charged in NJ.  It is
commonly charged in place of or in addition
to many other higher level offenses such as
assault, resisting arrest, theft or even
shoplifting.  Although these other offenses
may not sound similar in nature, they may
have been committed at the time and thus
have a factual basis in law to allow them to
be charged.
A Disorderly Conduct Charge in NJ can be
charged either by a police officer or by any
citizen so long as they show probable cause
to the clerk of the court that an offense has
occurred.  No written, oral or direct proof
needs to be shown to the court for a charge
to be brought upon a person.  But some
type of allegation that a violation of law
occurred.  This allegation can be made
either orally, in writing or by pictures or
other evidence.  Although this may seem
unfair, this is the law.
A Disorderly Conduct Charge can be
charged with another underlying offense so
long as the charge arises out of different
facts then the other charge.  Example
person shoplifts $350.00 from a store.  This
person then is charged with shoplifting for
taking the merchandise from the store but is
also charged with disorderly conduct
because they made a scene at the exit of the
store when confronted by the loss
prevention officer and used language to
that office that could have been heard by
other shoppers and this language was
course of abusive in nature.
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