Stopped for a Speeding Ticket in NJ?  We Can Help!  In almost every case we have
POINTS that our clients would have gotten with had they not hired our lawyers.

Speeding Tickets are probably the most common ticket issued in the United States.  In New Jersey your
speeding ticket can cost you increased insurance costs, points on your license and for high speed tickets
even the loss of your license and or jail for up to 15 days.  

Speeding ticket are grouped in three catagories based on the speed you are alleged to have exceeded:
  • 2 Point Ticket  (1-14mph over the limit)
  • 4 Point Ticket (15-29mph over the limit)
  • 5 Point Ticket (30mph or more above the limit) (very serious penalties can apply including jail)

The Points associated with a speeding ticket can cost you thousands of dollars on your insurance.  For
Insurance purposes it takes 3 years from the date of your violation/conviction for the points to be
eliminated off your insurance.  Based on your record and the amounts of points on your records a simple 2
point speeding ticket can cost you thousand of dollars.  Our typical fee is much less than most insurance
companies charge, thus we can save your good driving record and your money.
For Cases Involving High Speeds:  A high speed ticket in New Jersey is one in which a person is
going 30 or more miles over the speed limit.  Although a judge can impose up to 15 days in jail for any speeding
ticket it is very rare unless you are traveling double the speed limit or more than 90mph.  However in cases
involving high speeds it is not rare, but common for the drivers license of the speeder to be suspended.  A
suspension of your drivers license could last 10, 30, 90 days or even 6 months it is completely in the judges
discretion.  If your license is suspended you cannot drive.  You could lose your job, your house and all that is
important to you! Don't go it alone we can help.  Call our office at 1-800-9-RIGHTS or (732) 257-5040 to find out
how we can help you reduce or eliminate these penalties.  Unlike other firms we have a physical office and we
offer you a free in office consultation so we can answer all of your questions.
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98% Success Rate of Eliminating or Reducing
The Points and Penalties on all NJ Speeding Ticket
*98% Success rate for NJ Speeding Tickets is based on past cases and is not indicative of future results nor a guarantee of future performance.  Additional penalties may apply for out of
State Drivers.  Additional penalties may apply if an accident is involved and speeding is alleged as a cause of the accident or injury.  Speeding tickets for 35MPH over the speed limit will
generally lead to a license suspension.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance and each NJ Speeding Ticket is fact sensitive.  Please consult our New Jersey
Speeding Ticket Lawyers to see what can be done in your particular case by calling and setting up your free in office consultation.  NJ Towns with the most speeding tickets per
population size and geographics are: Woodbridge, Edison, Jersey City, Newark, Holmdel, Wayne, North Brunswick and East Brunswick, NJ
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A Speeder is Caught
3 Ways in New Jersey
Unlike other states to get a
speeding ticket in NJ a
person must have been
stopped / caught by an
officer speeding unless
the speeding resulted in
an accident.  NJ uses 3
methods to determine a
cars speed:
1) Pace (following car)
2) Radar
3) Laser
If you are speeding more than 30mph it is not uncommon to receive additional tickets with
your speeding ticket.  Additional tickets commonly charged with a speeding ticket include:
Careless Driving, Unsafe Lane Change, Failure to Signal Lane Change, Improper Passing,
Tailgating, and Reckless Driving.  Some of these offense like Reckless Driving could
subject the driver to up to 60 days in jail for a first offense and 90 days for a 2nd offense.  
Thus, the need for skilled representation.  
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