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Tailgating also known as Following too Closely (Statute 39:4-89)  is a very serious offense in the
State of New Jersey and carries 5 points.  This is the same as getting 2 and 1/2 careless driving tickets.  
Because tailgating causes so many accidents the state of New Jersey has made this a very serious
offense.  In addition to points you could also receive up to 15 days in jail.  (note: although extremely rare to
go to jail it can happen and generally only happens when an accident has occurred and/or the ticket has a
mandatory court appearance.)

In Mockler v. Russman 102 N.J. Super 582 the court talked about what constitutes a violation of this statute
in that a vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due
regard to the speed of preceding vehicle and traffic and the condition of the roadway and weather.  
According to the NJDOT Engineering requirements a car needs approximately 400 feet to stop when
traveling 50MPH and 150 feet to stop at 25MPH.  This distance includes the actual stopping time of the car
and the drivers time needed for awareness to stop.  Thus, these distances could be considered the
standard that all vehicles must keep.  A good rule of thumb to use and generally used by most judges is to
remain at least 3 seconds behind another vehicle in good weather and up to 6 seconds behind in bad

The Points associated with a tailgating ticket can easily cost you thousands of dollars on your insurance.  
For Insurance purposes it takes 3 years from the date of your violation/conviction for the points to be
eliminated off your insurance.  The five points associated with this offense are equivalent to the points in 2
and 1/2 red light or stop sign violation tickets.

In addition to or in place of the possible jail time the judge does have the discretion to suspend your
license.  If you lose your license you could lose your job, your house and all that is important to you!  Don't
go it alone we can help.  Call our office at 1-800-9-RIGHTS or (732) 257-5040 to setup a free in office
consultation to find out how we can help you reduce or eliminate these penalties.

The standard for what is determined to be following to closely in your case will be determined by the
Judge.  The police officer will be represented by a lawyer called the Prosecutor, so don't you think that you
should have skilled representation on your side.   Remember: 5 Points, Possible loss of license and even
jail (not likely, but possible) isn't it worth the piece of mind knowing that you have an experienced lawyer on
your side to make sure you have the best chance of winning, reducing or eliminating these penalties
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Tailgating or Following too
closely is commonly charged with
other tickets, if this is the case
you will face additional penalties
for those tickets.  See our website
and click the links below, for other
tickets commonly charged with
reckless driving,
speeding ,  improper passing ,
careless driving
** Additional penalties may apply to your ticket offense if your tailgating violation occured within 1000 feet of school property
or school crossing zone for all offenses.  Additional penalties can also apply in a construction or safe neighborhood zone.  H.
Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C. Main office address: G
-10 Brier Hill Court, East Brunswick, N.J. 08816.  Please consult the New
Jersey Code of Criminal Justice and Motor Vehicle Laws for complete details on all fines and penalties.  The penalties for a
New Jersey Tailgating ticket listed in this notice are for informational purposes only.  We can help you eliminate the points a
following too closely ticket carries, however,* past performance is not indicative of future performance and each case is fact
sensitive, thus, the need for the in office consultation for the attorney to evaluate your case.  Some penalties may not apply to
out of state residents please consult an attorney in your state of residence.  All penalties listed are accurate as of May 18,
2016 and are subject to change at any time without notice.
 *98% Success Rate for NJ Tailgating Ticket and Following too
closely tickets is based on past cases and is not indicative of future results, nor a guarantee of future performance.
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